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Having held positions in accounting, operations, sales, and marketing, Lorry Rifkin, C.P.A. has 40 years of business experience.

Over time, he has developed a passion for networking. Earlier in his career, he wanted to build a large network, but as a core introvert, the thought of networking terrified him. Starting from scratch, he learned what worked and what didn’t. Ultimately, he built a large network to drive business, and he now runs four of them based in Milwaukee—a profit improvement firm, a bookkeeping and account service company, a networking training and event company, and a real estate firm. He enjoys sharing his experience with others, and is well known for his LinkedIn hashtag #lunchwithlorry.

Lorry serves as controller for the firm, and his wide-ranging experience has proven to be a real asset.

Outside Interests

Lorry enjoys golfing, skiing, and the outdoors.