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The Common Thread To Uncompromising Advocacy: Mastering The Facts, Law, And Audience Of Each Dispute

To understand the dispute, one must master the facts. To win the argument, one must master the law. To ultimately prevail, one must master the audience. The common thread to our approach, the hallmark of uncompromising advocacy, centers on the art of mastering the facts, law, and audience of each dispute. That is what skilled advocates do. Indeed, when it comes to the legal substance framing the dispute, trial lawyers—like the judges who preside over the case—are consummate generalists. Numerous legal issues arise in a given case, especially in complex commercial litigation.

This is what sets our firm apart. We draw from our experience litigating a wide variety of disputes—covering an equally wide variety of legal issues—to view each case holistically; not through the myopic lens of a hyper-technical legal specialty. This means that we do not form preconceived notions regarding what the case should be about. Rather, the facts define the scope of the controversy, extensive legal research dictates what claims or defenses are viable, and the presentation of these issues is framed by the audience to whom they will be presented. A commitment to these three pillars of successful advocacy allows one to see the forest for the trees, which promotes clarity and improves results. Anything less is a disservice to the client.

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Contract & U.C.C. Disputes

Shareholder & Intra-Corporate Disputes

Defamation & Reputational Harm

Personal Injury & Product Liability

Construction & Real Estate Litigation

Appellate Advocacy

Alcohol Distribution

Intellectual Property Litigation

Class Action Litigation