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No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.

– Voltaire

Barton Cerjak: When Winning Really Matters

“Uncompromising advocacy” isn’t just a tagline for us. Success is measured by results and it is achieved by zealously advocating for every client in every case. Although each dispute presents its own nuances, the overarching objective remains constant: how to achieve the client’s goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner? This is why at the outset of every engagement, we partner with our clients to understand how they define a “win,” develop a strategy to achieve that win, and offer a range of fee structures to make that vision a reality.  

A Results-Oriented Firm

Litigation is time-consuming and expensive. And because no two clients are the same, implementing a strategy that comports with each client’s objectives and developing a cost structure to achieve those objectives requires both collaboration and flexibility. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Barton Cerjak was founded on the notion that judges and juries—not inflexible revenue models—should determine who wins and who loses a given dispute. We like to bet on ourselves and are open to offering a variety of fee structures to suit our clients’ individual needs, thus promoting an alignment of interests. Whether that means handling a matter on an hourly basis, on a contingency, or through a hybrid arrangement, we are committed to what really matters: notching victories for our clients.

A Client-Centered Approach

Winning takes an unwavering commitment to both the client and the cause. At Barton Cerjak, our clients’ problems become our problems. This means we are always available to address each and every question a client has about the legal matter it is facing. It also means that the word “quit” is not in our lexicon. These commitments to each client are, at their core, what it means to be an uncompromising advocate. Litigation is stressful, chaotic, and foreign to most people. When clients know that a trusted, loyal advocate is fighting to protect their interests, relationships are forged, clarity is obtained, and the parties work together to achieve the stated objective. That is how you win cases. We have staked our reputation on it.


Barton Cerjak’s commitment to forging partnerships with its clients and delivering results are not just talking points. The Firm is proud to share the following testimonials from various clients and lawyers with whom we’ve worked over the years:

“James Barton is a smart, creative, and responsive litigator who takes the time to understand my internal clients’ business objectives.  He possesses all of the traits I look for when retaining a bet-the-company litigator, but without the high costs and blind allegiance to the billable hour you see with many large law firms.”

– Associate General Counsel for Litigation, Fortune 500 packaged goods company

“The first number in our rolodex when we need to lawyer up.”

– General contractor specializing in complex commercial projects


“When faced with a family business conflict in which litigation became necessary, we worked with James to find the best possible resolution to an extremely difficult situation. He was responsive, dependable, and relentless in his pursuit to uncover the truth and fight for our rights. After working with James closely for more than two years, I can confidently say that he is not only a great attorney, but a loyal friend who we can always count on.”

-Family business owners, diversified financial services company