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If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

– Milton Berle

A Firm Commitment: Success Is Shared.

An organization achieves success by motivating, inspiring, and rewarding the employees who work for it. This is especially true in a law firm where its principal asset is intellectual capital—the lawyers and professionals who work there. Successfully litigating cases is hard work; committing to provide each client with uncompromising advocacy is even harder. It takes a form of dedication that can only be achieved if those working at the firm are fully invested in its vision, understand what is required of them, and know they will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

This is precisely why Barton Cerjak subscribes to the notion that success is meant to be shared. And to achieve this success, we are committed to ensuring that: (i) all attorneys will have ample professional development opportunities to become better litigators; and (ii) ample performance incentives exist to promote engagement and improve results. We therefore make the following commitment to prospective hires:

  • You will work on interesting cases from the moment you start the job.
  • You will take depositions; you will go to court; and you will provide clients legal advice. You will not sit at your desk pushing paper.
  • You will work in an authentic, transparent environment.
  • You will have dedicated professional development time each week to make yourself a better lawyer.
  • You will receive a competitive salary with excellent performance incentives.    

The Ideal Advocate

We are seeking skilled, highly-motivated lawyers who share the Firm’s commitment to provide uncompromising advocacy to each and every client. The ideal candidate must possess the following attributes:

  • A commitment to providing stellar client service.
  • Excellent legal research and writing skills.
  • A desire to become a trial lawyer and the determination to put in the work needed to accomplish that goal.
  • The ability to assimilate large amounts of information quickly and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Critical problem-solving skills.
  • A great sense of humor (the job is hard enough; don’t apply if you’re a stiff).

If interested, please submit the following materials to (1) a cover letter; (2) résumé; (3) law school transcript; (4) salary requirements; (5) writing samples (minimum of four); and (6) a list of references (minimum of three).